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Dangerous Toys

Now you might be thinking, "Mattel lead-paint scare", but this isn't some consumer-advocacy site. See, every now and again I catch myself looking at my small collection of Optimus Primes, thinking how a repaint and a drybrush would really bring out all that detail on the bland grey plastic bits (especially movie Optimus). Considering the amount of disassembly and reassembly the effort would require is enough to put me off, though.

Then a couple of months ago, David Willis of Shortpacked! fame puts up a link to this Jin Saotome guy who does custom paint jobs of action figures. Just recently, he added a photo set for not only Leader-Class Movie Optimus, but also Megatron (thanks to a couple of very generous birthday presents, I have both). On top of them, he actually has a tutorial page dedicated to repainting Transformers!

Boy, am I tempted to break out the Citadel paints...

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Don't you dare!

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