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September '07 Catch-Up

Hi, everybody. Another week-long break between postings. There’ve been a few reasons for that – busy-ness at work, a bout of illness and a dose of “OMG T3h n3w g4m3zz0rz!”.

On the work-related front, things have been in catch-up mode since Amateurs, the local equivalent of the Melbourne Cup. As my counterpart Imi (now there’s a thought – which of us is C-3PO and which is R2-D2?) was tied up with organising the invitation mailout, which had its own share of problems, things like entering ongoing ads in advance fell behind. Then I racked off for a week to go see Steely Dan (more on that later, maybe over on the MySpace), and shortly after I got back, Imi racked off for a week herself, touring and recording with some band friends of hers. So with only one of us on for two weeks, things got even further behind.

I let the stress get to me and as such, it’s perhaps not a surprise that I wound up with a head cold last weekend. It got worse this week, such that I wound up taking a half-day off yesterday to recover. I was croaking into the phone a few times that morning. Thankfully, that afternoon definitely did me some good, because I felt much better going back to work this morning. We’ve still got a bit of catching up to do, but we’re in a pretty good place for it.

And then there’s the game. Some of you already know this, but I’m currently up to my eyeballs in the Xbox 360’s blockbuster release, Halo 3. I’ve finished the Campaign on Normal difficulty and am currently working on my Xbox Live ranking whilst making tentative overtures to anyone who might be interested in trying to clock the campaign on Legendary difficulty cooperatively online. Even Karl went and got himself a 360 and Halo 3 recently, although as he doesn’t have a broadband Internet account he can’t hook up for any online action. So if anyone out there is interested in making a regular meeting online and saving the universe for a few weeks, get in touch! Australian players only, though; I tried playing Campaign with someone in the US recently and the lag was horrifying!

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If you see me online give me an invite! I've played a few 4 way legendary episodes, 2 player might be tricky but i'm up for a go :)

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