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Spring Revel Down Under 07 Review

Spring Revel Down Under 2007 wound up a couple of hours ago. My general experiences at the event were chronicled over on the MySpace, but I’d like to add some more detailed thoughts about the experience here.

Firstly, I think I’ll take a bit more time for my next con and try a broader variety of stuff. I mentioned in the MySpace post that the Ruins of Discovery back-to-back module was very much a dungeon crawl, which suited the very tactical players at my table fine but left me, an inexperienced D&D player, a bit out in the cold; my sole effective capability was the casting of magic missile and any other action or suggestion was criticised as a bad move (the annoying thing was, from a “get the party in and out alive” standpoint they weren’t wrong).

A couple of more experienced con-goers explained to me before prizegiving that the Ruins modules are oriented toward dungeon-delving and associated tactical challenges. When I went in, I was basically looking for LG modules of APL (approximate party level) of 2 so that I could play my first level sorcerer, and Ruins of Discovery fit the bill so I decided to stick with it. Pretty much everyone else at the table signed up knowing what they were in for. So, in order to decrease the odds of playing something I don’t like for the whole con, I’ll sign up for more modules next time and make characters up appropriately.

On Friday night, a whim prompted me to log onto the RPGA website and try the test for Herald-level certification. This basically means sanction to game master an RPGA module, whether at an RPGA-sanctioned event or at home. The test is twenty multiple choice questions with an hour to answer, and can be taken with the three D&D v3.5 corebooks to hand. As such, you can achieve certification with no more than one incorrect response. I got three, which isn’t too bad; Bruce Paris told me that he took the test six times before he was certified.

Today’s session, the Star Wars Saga Edition module "Prelude to Defiance", was fun, though. I bought the Star Wars Saga Edition rulebook on Saturday, and I am very pleased with the changes they’ve made to it. While it’s still a D20 System game, it feels much less like “Dungeons & Dragons with some cosmetic, Star Wars-esque changes” than the previous two editions. I’d even be tempted to say it’s on a par with the final West End Games edition. It’s apparently a preview of some of the changes that are being made to Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, and if it, the information Wizards of the Coast has released thus far via website and podcast, and some discussion at SRDU are any indication, I think I’m going to find 4th Edition a lot less intimidating and a lot more fun.

In the meantime, I’m definitely keen on doing some more Star Wars, and am probably going to put out overtures to various gamers in the next couple of days. Simon and Cristel’s schedules have settled down a lot recently, and I think a lot of the local gamers who played “Prelude to Defiance” at SRDU are very keen on more. Here’s hoping!

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