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A Passion for 'Tache-ing

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, observe ye this greasy skinned, sleepy-eyed visage carefully:


'Cos over the next few weeks it's gonna be changin' like it's never changed before. Why, you might ask?

I've signed up for Movember.

Yep, you certainly read right; I am now a Mo Bro. A mate at work has organised an office team, and even the general manager has got behind it (no word yet whether he'll actually sign on, though). So I reckoned I'd throw in as well; after all, it's not the World's Greatest Shave For A Cure, which I've been banned from entering.

Anyway, as I set my profile up under my work e-mail, I don't have my user-ID to hand. But rest assured, as soon as I get the details from the office tomorrow, I'll be posting a sponsorship link up here - I know there are quite a few of my readership who'd pay to see me grow a moustache, or even a goatee. In the meantime, please browse the Movember website and find out more about the charities that your money will be assisting.

Oh, and watch this space for yet more photos of my face fungus.

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This is assuming you actually manage to grow one of course. Still, I guess there's 3 wks of November left. Just kidding darling! You realize that kissing is totally out of the question?

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