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What, No Takers?

I don't believe it! Six days in and so far nobody's figured me growing a moustache is a good enough excuse to part with a few dollars! Come on, folks, this is me! The whitiest guy you've ever seen! The longest I've been without a shave is (maybe) forty-eight hours! I figured at least some of you would be in just for the novelty value!

You don't believe me. That must be it. Rob'd never grow a mo, that's what you're all saying. Well, have a look at this:

Cheap Wine and a Six-Day Growth

Okay, fine, it's still not a mo yet, but it clearly has the makings! And it's had twice the number of days than Jimmy Barnes!

If you need a reminder, check out the instructions in this post. Oh, and if any of you lot are in Movember as well, I want to know about it!

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