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Star Wars: A New Campaign

It’s been a pretty damned good month so far. Quite a bit of stuff’s been going on; I’ve just not got around to blogging about it yet. An exhausting weekend of garden work and Halo 3 has cleared enough junk out of the way of the writing urge. Let's kick this off with some gaming.

To start off with, I’m GMing a roleplaying campaign. If you’ve been keeping up with my RPG-related posts over the past few years, you’ll have read about my increasing interest in independently-published RPGs and my desire to run titles like Dogs in the Vineyard, Primetime Adventures and Burning Empires.

Thus, it may come as some surprise that I'm running Star Wars: Saga Edition, a game about as un-indie as I can get (it's from the same company that publishes the venerable Dungeons & Dragons). I played it at Spring Revel Down Under at the beginning of October and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’d like to say that I enjoyed the session so much I bought the rulebook except I caved into my gamer-geek urges and bought the bloody thing the day before.

Anyway, my players are Simon, Patrick, Tracey and Sam. We played our first session last week at Simon’s place (it’s central for the rest of us, plus Simon can’t yet drive). The original plan was to get together fortnightly and alternate Star Wars with D&D, giving Simon’s wife and fellow gamer Cristel a chance to play something she’ll like (it's not that she hates science fiction, it simply fails to interest her). However, between our prep session and the first play session on the tenth, my players decided they wanted to do Star Wars fortnightly instead! I’m glad they’ve got confidence in me as a GM (it makes me more confident), but it’s a bit sucky for Cristel. Still, she’s happy playing Warcraft III against her daughters.

So, based on our discussions and the characters my team came up with, I created Tarmadan Sector. If RPGs are your speed, you can find my notes on our progress in this RPGnet forum thread. If not, try it anyway, but you might get a little lost in the jargon. Our next game is on this coming Saturday, and I've got a little prep to do in the meantime; I'll post about it when i give myself a chance on the RPGnet thread.

From RPGs to consoles: At the end of October, may Xbox 360, which has been acting pretty flaky for most of the month, finally decided to stop co-operating; the disk tray would not open no matter what I tried (well, except the old standby of straightened paper clip in the manual release hole). A call to Customer Support later and it was wending its way to New South Wales for a warranty repair. I got it back in operating order around ten days later. I was worried about the group of Halo 3 players I’d become part of would get too far ahead of me in skill and experience points, but between Call of Duty 4 and Mass Effect (which a couple of them managed to get their mitts on a few days earlier; I pick my pre-ordered copy up on Thursday), they wound up with other things to distract them. In fact, half of them are still distracted - although, once I get Mass Effect myself I have the feeling I will be too.

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