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Guba and the Garden Bed

At the beginning of the last post, I mentioned a weekend of garden work. There’s a very big, very good reason for all the green-thumbed activity: Tropical Cyclone Guba, a weather system that’s been hanging around the Coral Sea for the better (or should that be worse?) part of the last week. So far, it’s done us no direct harm, just a lot of cloud and almost as much rain. Still, it is a cyclone, and we’ve been keeping a keen eye on the Bureau of Meteorology’s updates. Over the past four days or so, it’s meandered its way from off the Papua New Guinea shores toward the Penninsula, wandered vaguely south then east, picked up intensity from a Category 1 (Thursday morning) to a Category 3 (Friday evening) then all the way back down to a 1 again (this afternoon). It’s done at least two U-turns, the most recent one putting it back on rough course for the Australian coastline, and current forecasts suggest it’ll meander its way in a curve back north again – away from us, thankfully.

For a good couple of months, we’ve had a huge pile of garden gravel sitting in front of our car port, waiting to be taken down the back and used as a surround for our garden bed. I’ve been treating it like someone else’s problem in that time, but with Guba in the vicinity, I figured that unless I got stuck into it, we would have a potential pile of high-speed shrapnel that would devastate the house should Guba decide to hit the shores anywhere near us. The near-miss with Larry a couple of years ago taught me just how powerful a cyclone can be, so I decided not to chance it and finish the garden bed surround off. This means that, instead of being a metre-high gravel dune begging to be picked up by any cyclonic gust, the gravel is spread low to the ground and surrounded by concrete sleepers and high fence.

As a result, I spent most of this weekend shifting concrete sleepers, shovelling gravel into a small wheelbarrow with a tyre we can’t reinflate and hauling it from in front of the car port to the back of the garden. The result, frankly, looks pretty damned good; I’ve been meaning to take a photo of the garden bed so I can show you all how well it’s been coming along since the last pictures, and now with the gravel border I have even more reason. By the time I finished this evening it was too dark for photos, but I’ll try to grab a couple after I get home from work tomorrow.

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