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Just When I Thought It Was Safe...

This is frustrating, folks. I got my Xbox 360 back from Customer Support mid-last week, and aside from a reset incident after I first plugged it in everything seemed to work fine - it's certainly not argued during the many games of Halo 3 I've played since. Yesterday I picked my pre-ordered copy of Mass Effect up (my local EB told me they got it in a little early) - and after ten minutes of play, my repaired Xbox reset itself, stopped recognising the Mass Effect disc and refused to open the drive tray. Same trouble as last time.

Now, in the hope that this might be an overheating issue, I switched the Xbox off at the power point and left it alone for ten minutes, and even put a pedestal fan to circulate air behind the entertainment unit just in case it did turn out to be a heating issue. When I switched it back on, everything worked, and I had an hour of smooth Mass Effect play before I switched it off and let the family have the TV for the rest of the evening, satisfied that I'd found a solution to my console's problems - it must've just been overheating.

No such luck. This morning I got up, hoping to get a little more ME in before heading off to work. I even started the fan up, just in case. As soon as I powered the Xbox up, though, its power light started to flash as if it was opening the disc tray (which it didn't). It seemed to boot up fine, but the power light didn't stop blinking and the disc tray still refused to open. I came upstairs to browse the web and post about the problem on my Gamespot blog, and when I went back downstairs ten minutes later, the console had just reset itself.

I put a call in with Customer Support last night, but they were undergoing a system upgrade and couldn't help me. They'll (hopefully) be calling me back this evening.

Now, it's annoying enough that I now can't play a brand-new game I just bought, but what's also annoying is that I can't hook up with Karl, who bought himself an Xbox 360 Elite and Halo 3 not long before my console went kaput the first time. We were hoping that after I got my 360 back, I could take it over his place and we could have some system link Halo 3 action. That's now set to not happen for another few weeks (with turnaround from Customer Support), but the really, really annoying thing is that, shortly after my Xbox arrived back in the mail, his Elite had a general hardware failure, as indicated by the dread Red Ring of Death. Now, apparently this wasn't enough to actually take his system out, and after a quick call to Customer Support it was restored to working order. But it's definitely not a pleasant sign, especially when most of the bugs that crippled the initial batch of 360 consoles were, in theory, meant to be fixed in the Elite.

So much for the Xbox allowing people to play together...

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My sympathies for your console woes. I recently picked up the Playstation 3 with Guitar Hero 3, Lego Star Wars and Call of Duty 4, and I am quite happy with it. Have linked it up to my PSP for remote play, and the only truly niggling thing is that I cannot play my PS2 games on it. So I have to hold onto those consoles a while longer. I am hoping they change the software sometime soon to allow PS2 game play on the PS3 as well.

I was weighing the 360 versus the PS3 when I made my choice and two things made up my mind. The only game I am actually looking forward to playing on the 360, Halo 3, I didn't want Conor to spend 24/7 playing it, and all the problems the console is having. I hope things clear up for you soon.

Gah, that sucks! I know way too many people who have lost their 360 to faults. Losing it just after you get a game of the year candidate though?? That's cruel.

Don't I know it, Hayama. And the insult? Xbox Cuxtomer Support are still having the same fucking problem tonight, so no logging of a warranty repair.

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