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My Position on GenCon Oz

I’ve been asked recently whether I'm going to the first GenCon Australia next year. I have to say, it’s a tempting proposition. For those who don’t know, the original GenCon (which moved from Milwaukee to Indianaoplis, I think) and the already-established spin-offs in Southern California and the UK are major events in tabletop gaming geekdom. Having never been to one, I don’t know whether it’s “The Best Four Days In Gaming” as the advertising states, but the thought of finding out has definitely piqued my interest.

Now, the first version of this post was a long bitch and whinge about various things which no one cares about, basically making excuses. In the end, though, my position on GenCon is this: The investment in money and organisation would only be worth it if I went for all four days, and as Gencon isn't Vickie's thing (yes, I've checked) I'd be going on my own - which means I'd be spending a heap of money to leave my love alone at home for four days (plus a round-trip flight). That’s just not cool.

Hmm. I'm still not quite comfortable with the way I've expressed that. Let my try this: I might go out for a quick drink with colleagues after work, and I might volunteer my time for the Lions Club or the Cairns Youth Mentoring Sceme, and I might hang out with mates (and possibly game) on one day of the weekend. But I don't go out, if you see what I mean, without Vickie. Leaving Vickie for a four-day gaming con in Brisbane, even to hook up with some old mates whom we both love, is definitely going out. The amount of money it'd require just adds insult to injury.

Let me reassure you that Vickie doesn't think in these terms; in fact, I saw her hitting JetStar's website again this evening, probably in response to an earlier version of this post. That's how I feel about it, though.

I know those of you who asked me about GenCon Oz really wanted to see us again, but us is the key word. You'd just be getting me, and without downplaying my own awesomeness I’m not about to keep you all to myself under the excuse of going to a gaming con. Please don't doubt that Vickie and I really hope to get together with you as soon as possible. Next year's GenCon Oz just isn't the right set of circumstances.

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For a man who tells me that he's selfish, you're amazing...Do you know that?
Anyone reading your post would know that your 'selfishness' is the very least of my problems...if I had any!

Vickie.(Who is incredibly lucky!)

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