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But Do You Know What Really, Really, REALLY Annoys Me?

My Xbox 360 suddenly deciding to recommence regular operation just as mysteriously as it crapped out, that's what. Late last night, after trying the Xbox twice only to be greeted with the same flashing-power-light problem and calling Customer Support again to no avail (whatever issue had their systems down on Tuesday night was still affecting them last night), my Xbox suddenly decided to work properly, and I got another good hour of Mass Effect in before going to bed. I tried it again this morning, and it still worked fine.

I've decided to take the bastard back to Harvey Norman anyway. I don't want to be waiting for it to stuff up again every time I play, especially if I'm playing online. If I can return it for credit I'm going to fork out a little extra for an Xbox 360 Elite, for two main reasons: One, Microsoft made some changes to the manufacturing process for the Elite which made it a little more heat and crash resistant, and two (Vickie's going to live this), it comes with an HDMI cable, which will eliminate at least one cable from the rat's nest behind the entertainment unit. The bigger hard drive and extra headset are just gravy.

UPDATE 1:30PM: Turns I was wrong about that Hardly Normal warranty. Unless I buy an Extended Warranty from them, the only warranty available to me is Microsoft's. On the upside, Vickie called me to let me know Xbox Customer Support had finally called back, and I'll give them another ring tonight.

A thought crossed my mind while I was talking with one of the Harvey Norman sales guys today: Take the 360 and my Wii (which no one is using) into an EB Games store and get some trade-in value toward an Elite. I dashed into EB Cairns Central to get a quote, but even with the 360, the Wii, an extra Wii Remote and my Wii games I'd still have to fork at least an extra $250 out to get the Elite. I'm not so sure an extra 100GB of storage and decreasing the number of cables behind our entertainment unit by one is really worth $250.

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