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Three Days And Counting

Only three more days and then I can shave this damned moustache (although calling it such is an insult to moustaches) off. I know it’s all in a good cause, but I just cannot wit for it to be gone. I mean, look at this photo. Look at it. Twenty-two days, three weeks of mo growth, and it’s still a pubescent straggle.

Movmeber the 27th

I promised a photo of myself and the rest of the work gang, and here it is, taken on the 13th:

Movember the 13th, with Colleagues

We've had one casualty already. The ginger-haired guy, second from the left in the top row? He shaved a couple of days ago; apparently his girlfriend objected to the handlebars. A shame; a week ago, he was looking damn impressive!

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Actually dear, you would probably of raised more money by selling the 'shaving rights'to the highest bidder. Heck I'd probably of won hands down!


You look so much like a Gringo in that picture. I might even start calling you Pepe. ;)

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