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Starting the Summer with a Bang

I'm starting to notice a pattern to the recent days here. In Cairns, we've just had some of the hottest days in the past few years, and of course out where we actually live it's been even hotter. The evenings, though, have been rainy, and not just that; we've been switching our sensitive electronics off at night for fear of lightning-induced power surges. I have the feeling we're in for a cycle; the hot days will draw the moisture out of the ground, making the humidity a killer, and at night the humid air will make for whoppers of thunderstorms.

Last night was particularly nasty. It started bucketing down at around eight, and the sky was regularly lit with flashes. Ziggy, our red cattle dog, started getting very agitated, pacing up and down the house, never settling, even dashing underneath my desk a few times. This, it seems, is his chosen comfort spot when thunderstorms are about. I wouldn't mind, but for the facts that (a) behind my desk is an assortment of hanging cables connecting my PC and peripherals and (b) my PC itself is situated on the floor, and Ziggy sheds more than an airport hangar.

I tried setting him up another "Ziggy hide-y spot" in our wardrobe in the bedroom, the logic being it's close enough to us during the night and enclosed enough to keep him happy. I even put the T-shirt I was wearing down on the bottom, so he'd have something that smelled like me. Unfortunately, he didn't much care for it; in fact, when the thunder got loud, he kept trying to get up on our bed with me! We put him back downstairs and I went to bed at half ten.

I got up about half an hour later when I heard Vickie and Deena both arguing with the dogs; Ziggy had become so agitated that he'd urinated down the steps, across the living room floor and on the couch when he jumped up onto it. I helped clean the spill up, then Vickie ordered me back to bed.

When I got up this morning, Deena told me to check the cables behind my computer. Ziggy was still having a rough time of it after I nodded off. There were times when the rain would slack off and Vickie and Deena would try to calm Ziggy down, but then there'd be another thunderclap and Ziggy would be all raw nerves again as the rain moved back in. Deena went back upstairs to get something, and Ziggy barged through the dog gate we've got set up at the top of the stairs, past Deena, down the hall and straight under my desk - where he got his legs all tangled up in the cabling. Deena got him out, and I'm glad to say nothing was (or seems to have been) yanked out of its socket or damaged.

Still, with the summer wet well and truly on its way, I'd say we're in for more of the same - both thunderstorms and nervous Ziggy episodes.

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