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Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas, everyone! Yes, I know I’m a little bit late, but you know, what the heck! I have no Internet or computer outages to blame it on, I was simply eating!

So, yes, good Chrissie. Good indeed. Big brekky, prepared by my lovely Vickie (note the buttering up as my trying to keep out of the way wound up with me not helping when it was needed). Then it was a nibbly lunch and after that, everyone was so tired out, they went home, and Vickie spent most of the afternoon and evening sleeping. Me? Oh, I spent it with Mass Effect. I was at the point in the game where - hmm. How to explain it? It's like, there's this awesome TV series, but you've only been watching it when it comes out on DVD. You've polished off most of the show's first season, which has been good all the way through, and it's been gearing up to a huge finale in the last two or three episodes. You can turn the DVD player off and wait for a few days - or you can blitz through the last three in one big hit.

Fuelled on a lovely breakfast and lunch, that's just what I did the gaming equivalent. aside from the odd hitch I was highly impressed. In fact, I wouldn't mind playing it again, this time creating a slightly different character.

Boxing Day was good too. The planned Xbox 360 system-link session didn’t come off, unfortunately; Karl’s Xbox 360 Elite began to glitch heavily on Christmas Eve before finally and irrevocably red-ringing. Still, Karl came over, bringing his controllers with him for a recharge, and I showed him how Halo 3’s Matchmaking service worked. We wound up playing over ten matches yesterday; after everyone else had gone home, Vickie and I kicked him out at twenty past nine last night. Suffice to say he’s now keen on getting a broadband connection at his place.

Gaming aside, though, I got to spend a good couple of days with the local family. I made sure to call my folks in Sydney, although I don’t think I actually thanked most of them for the gifts they got us. I’ll fix that up PDQ. I’m working today, tomorrow and Monday, but I’ve got the rest of the New Year week off, which I’m expecting to spend getting the spare room ship-shape for when the Cazman and his lady arrive from Sydney in late January. We might even see about doing our room while we’re at it, although that might be pushing our luck – we have to sleep somewhere that doesn’t stink of paint fumes.

Anyway, I’ll end this here. I hope your Christmas Day was fantastic, and I’d love to hear and/or read about it!

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I wanted to give you something to give you some anticipation. hope you enjoy:

Merry Christmas you guys!

Heh heh! Yeah, saw that on the Dark Knight website not long ago. Most impressive - I'm very keen to see more of Heath Ledger's treatment of the Joker after that!

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