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Watching Paint Dry

The renovation of the spare room has gone much better than we thought. Vickie especially was dreading the removal of not just the wallpaper but also the carpeting. When we did the other rooms, we had a hard time with the glue paper that went between the wall and the paper, and the removal of the carpeting in the computer room revealed a foamy substance (I know it has a proper carpeting name, I just can’t think of it right now) that we had to buy huge scrapers to deal with. That was a nightmare.

In the spare room, though, the carpet came up with no trouble, and the nail strips holding it down came up with just a little chisel-work. The glue-paper was a dream, too; a good spray of water and it just came off in long strips with a razor-blade scraper. Karl undercoated the room and primed over the nastier stains, but he and I shared a lot of the work; puttying holes, putting the top-coats on the walls, sanding after each coat and cleaning up the dust from the sanding. I took to the skirting board, door- and window-frames with the enamel paint. An electrician has taken the old wall lamp fittings over the bed head off and installed the new ones we bought. All that’s left is to clean and sand the floor, then cover it with vinyl tiles. Oh, and move all the bedroom furniture back in from where we have it stacked in our dining room.

Of course, Karl used the breaks when the walls were drying after painting or cleaning to get some more games of Halo 3 in on my Xbox 360, and I, of course, used stepfather-stepson bonding as an excuse to play more myself! Karl was able to use his one month of free access to get himself a Gamertag, so his progress can now be measured. If you’re curious, you can check Karl’s progress here, but in summary we’re doing pretty good, although we’ve not had a great deal of luck playing ranked matches. Karl’s now seriously looking at the DSL plans his ISP offers, so with any luck he’ll be able to get onto Xbox Live himself once he gets his Elite back from repair. And we can play without needing to split my screen!

I’ve also begrudgingly done some garden work. I’m not sure whether to be grateful for the rain we’ve had these last few days; while it sort of gives me an excuse to not get out into the garden (I say sort of, as our appliances are petrol-powered and theoretically capable of operating in the rain), it means everything’s going to be so much longer and taller by the time the rain breaks! I mowed on Sunday afternoon, and I’m fully expecting to do so again this weekend…

We’re due for a replanting of the garden bed soon, although the Cairns branch of Bunning’s was almost out of seedlings when we went in on Saturday morning. I still owe you folks some photos of the garden bed, especially the lettuce, which few can believe grows as high as I tell them it does!

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