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Bring On the Co-Stars

We’re slowly heading toward the end of the ratings-blank period for 2008, and the TV stations are already running promos for this year’s new and returning shows. Two of these have caught my interest, but not (well, not just) because of the plot or the leads – it’s the co-stars who I want to tune in and see.

Premièring tonight on Channel Ten is Burn Notice. It’s hard to tell from the ads exactly what this show is, but action and spying appear to be the key features, plus the obligatory romance between the leading man and the hot love interest. The studio seems to have done a good job with said leading man; Jeffery Donovan certainly caught Vickie’s eye. But the one who really grabbed my attention was none other than Bruce Campbell, playing “the informant”. That’s right, after last being seen on TV regularly in The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and semi-regularly in Xena, Warrior Princess, Mr. Evil Dead himself is finally getting a regular gig again – provided the show doesn’t get canned within the first season.

Speaking of which, Channel Seven has been airing promos for the upcoming season of Desperate Housewives (I know, definitely wasn’t canned during its first season; I’m getting to that). Now, while I like Desperate Housewives, I probably don’t watch it as often as it deserves; for some odd reason I wind up going and browsing the web instead. But the obligatory New Season’s New Arrivals on Wisteria Lane might well change that. The promos are naturally dwelling on the more famous Dana Delaney (hey, the show’s really all about the women). But I couldn’t help but cheer when I saw the man playing her husband (at least, I assume he’s her husband) – Nathan Fillion (see, I told you I was getting to it). Sure, he’s not playing Cap’n Mal, but the guy’s that funny (see “Our Mrs. Reynolds”) and that good at angst (see Serenity) that he’s worth watching even when he’s not wearing a long brown coat. I still have to see Waitress sometime. And maybe even Slither. You know, when Vickie's not about.

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