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New Year's Rebuilding

I’m planning a complete rebuild of my PC this weekend. I think I have some sort of Trojan lurking on my system somewhere. My web-browsing performance has been spotty over the last few months, even when I’m the only person on the network and I’m not downloading anything. A file I sent to Vickie a few days ago got a virus warning. My firewall software switches itself off randomly at startup, forcing me to restart it manually. My anti-spyware software has flat-out not worked in ages. Finally, a safe link I clicked on yesterday was redirected to a URL with a very unsavoury name (thankfully I got a “Page Not Found”). So on Friday night I’ll start backing my vital files up onto DVD-ROM, with the aim of reformatting my hard drive on Saturday morning. I’ll have to get a spare floppy disk drive out, as the setup utility on the Windows XP disc doesn’t natively recognise Serial ATA drives. Once I get the system rebuilt to my preferences, I’ll do a thorough virus scan on my backups before re-copying the data over.

On a general PC note, I’ve switched my browsing and e-mail utilities back to Firefox and Thunderbird from IE and Outlook. I intended to use Outlook mainly for its calendar facilities, which Thunderbird doesn’t have (Mozilla is developing a separate application, Sunbird), but I didn’t wind up using them anyway. Now, one thing the Mozilla products are known for is their ability to be expanded using downloadable add-ons. Now, I’ve never used these much, as I’ve not felt the need of any extra components – but with the impending rebuild, I’m wondering what I might be missing out on. How about you folks? Which Firefox and Thundebird add-ons have you discovered you can’t live without? What do they do for you?

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Firefox has been my browser of choice for quite a while now, I don't use addons much, but here are a few (https://addons.mozilla.org/ to get them)

IE Tab: Load IE-only pages within firefox, lets you specify ones to always load in IE
PDF Download: Stops them loading in the browser
adblock: does the obvious, right-click ads to block them
flashblock: ditto, saves a bit of loading, not for all.

I have more at home, but I can't remember them now!

Thunderbird does have a calander add on called Lightning. I use it at work. Though not as good as Outlooks calander in my opinion, but it does work.

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