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Some Good News for February

The rebuild went okay. My system is, I think, quite a bit more streamlined. I’ve installed almost everything I want to put on it, save Transformers: The Game and Guild Wars, the former because I want to find the USB receiver which allows me to connect my wireless Xbox 360 controller to my PC and the latter because we’re at three quarters of our monthly bandwidth limit and updating the client might take a gig or two. Spyware Doctor is working again, thankfully, and I’m browsing the web with little trouble.

There’s one hitch; it’s not bothersome at the moment but it’s something I’d like to fix when the next rebuild comes around. For some odd reason, Windows XP is now insistent that my Seagate Barracuda 320GB SATA hard disk drive possesses only 130GB. The BIOS disagrees with Windows, of course, reporting the full size on its settings screen. But, apparently, the BIOS is a pitiful moron compared to XP’s all-knowing wisdom, even though the last build recognised the drive’s full size. I have the feeling it has something to do with the SATA drivers I used and that I perhaps plugged the drive into the SATA ports controlled by the Intel controller instead of the Gigabyte controller like last time.

Some good news: Last Saturday was my third and so far best outing with my second mentee, Josh. You might remember that my last mentor pairing through CYMS ended a month early when young Alex moved south to be with his dad. So far, things have been going good, and on Saturday the usually quiet Josh talked about a some stuff that was important to him right now. We had a very good afternoon out at the Lagoon, and we’re planning to head to the Library next time so we can figure out exactly what we’re going to do for our end-of-pairing presentation.

More good news: Remember how back in 2005, I was volunteering for Cairns Community Radio? Well, after chatting with the Cazman and Linda while they were here, I decided to ask work for an hour early every week so that I could get back into doing it again! Tonight’s the first night, and then it’s every Thursday from next week on. It’s about time I got back into radio stuff; one of my colleagues has been calling me “Radio Rob” for months!

And speaking of things I’m looking forward to: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be hitting our screens this coming Tuesday, February 12th! I was a little “blah” about the idea when it was first announced, especially at the prospect of casting someone else to fill Linda Hamilton’s very big army boots. But if reports coming out of the States on the first few episodes are any indication, it seems they’ve done a great job on all fronts, with the casting of 300’s Lena Headey in the title role being universally praised (not that I’ve seen 300). And to add icing to the cake, yet another Firefly cast member is getting a regular gig again: Summer Glau is playing no less than the latest flesh-clothed robot protector of John Connor, a Terminator named Cameron. I’m curious to she what she does with it; while I have no doubt she can play unusual characters after the crazed, vulnerable, creepy River Tam, I think the best thing I’ve seen her in was The Unit, where her guest role was a regular, flawed fiancee of a young Army ranger. From what I’ve read, Cameron will be an interesting cross between the two.

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