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Line Trouble

After months of the both of us complaining about our dodgy phone line and Internet connection – the phone crackles regularly and our Internet is prone to intermittent dropouts – Vickie finally gave up on waiting for me to call Telstra and gave them a ring herself a week and a bit ago. The contractor came over on Friday to check our connections, and after crawling under the house, replacing some joins and checking as much as he could, he narrowed the problem down to the ADSL filter / splitter attached to our phone line. He didn’t have one himself, so he couldn’t test it, but he was positive he’d eliminated all the other possibilities; nothing else could be causing the fault.

Vickie called me at work and told me the part number of the replacement filter, which I should be able to pick up from the Telstra Shop closest to work. I hiked down at lunchtime, only to have the salesperson tell me that they didn’t stock any in-line filters and that I ought to try the Tandy opposite. Tandy were very helpful, and I parted with $24 on a new filter – only to discover, when I got home, that the new filter doesn’t stop the crackling.

Needless to say, Vickie’s going to be ringing Telstra back soon. I was thinking of maybe hopping onto Xbox Live and playing some Halo 3 with Karlos on Friday night, but the modem was very up-and-down that evening (probably due to the aforementioned crackly line). The contractor did give us one ray of hope, though. Apparently the firm he works for got outbid when the contract came up for renewal, but he reckons that they might bid for an upcoming Optus contract. My step-grandson Rhys told us about an Optus combined landline and broadband plan called “Fusion” a couple of months ago, and if, as the contractor’s comments suggest, Optus are going to start rolling their fibreoptic network out in Gordonvale soon, we’re definitely going to be switching phone and broadband providers; the Fusion plan would save us around $80 a month.

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