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Wet Wet Wet

Yep, it’s been pretty much like a Scottish boy band here over the past pair of weeks. A monsoonal trough moved in and dumped so much rain last week that I wound up getting in late for work on a couple of days. Roads south were cut for a while by floods and we even sandbagged around the back doors just in case the inch-deep water over our back patio started creeping toward the house.

Needless to say, our garden’s gone bonkers. I finally managed to mow our lawns and trim our hedges last weekend, and Vickie did a heap of weeding, including ripping up a barrow-load of pumpkin vine which had overgrown one of our herb beds. The rain has set in again, unfortunately, and I have the feeling I’ll be doing most of it all over again this coming weekend.

It’s a frustrating irony that the air conditioning system at work has been utterly inoperative since Monday, so while it’s been cold and dreary outside I’ve been wearing shorts in order to cope with the hot steaminess inside. The poor buggers in facilities have resorted to bulk purchasing pedestal fans in order to keep the work areas cool. I just feel sorry for the folks on the top floor, who have it even worse…

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