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Another Campaign Almost Toast...

You're not going to believe this. If it weren't so utterly in character for me, I wouldn't believe it either.

I'd spent a lot of time last week prepping the next session of my Star Wars Saga game, which was meant to be on Saturday at 1PM. I was pretty happy with what I had; I spent Saturday morning printing out NPC stat blocks, writing a session summary sheet and thinking about fight scenes. I hole-punched everything neatly and put it in a ring-binder, then put binder, rulebook, the notebook I've been using exclusively to make campaign notes in, dice and pencils in the draw-string D&D bag I got at last year's Spring Revel.

Twelve PM rolls around, so I say goodbye to my wife and take everything out to the car - whereupon I realise I've forgotten my car keys. I put the bag on the roof of the car, go back inside, get the keys, start my car's engine, open the gates, drive through them, close them again, then drive down the road to the petrol station, fill the tank, pay, then start the twenty-five-or-so kilometre journey to Simon & Cristel's place.

Four fifths of the way there, I suddenly realise that my bag of stuff isn't on the passenger seat next to me. I take a quick glance over my shoulder at the back passenger seats; also empty. I pull the car over and give its interior a once over. No luck. I think about where I left it last - and realise that the last place I left it was on the roof of my car.

I call home, just in case I left it in the carport and forgot. My wife couldn't find it there, or in the garden. I call Simon and let him know what's happened and that I'm going back to try and find it. I'm nigh certain the bag wasn't on the roof of the car when I pulled in at the petrol station, so it could only have came off along a fairly short stretch of road.

I drive to the petrol station. It's not lying there, nor has it been handed in. I drive back from the petrol station to home; I can't see it lying on the road or on the grass verges. Just in case, I walk from my place to the petrol station and back again, covering each side of the road. Nada.

Of course, by this time, all the rest of my players had turned up at Simon’s place. Tracy offered to GM some Shadowrun, but having already driven most of the way in and back, I didn’t feel like heading out again, plus I wasn’t in the mood to give good game that afternoon. From what I gather, a pretty good time was had.

Thankfully, we got a knock on the door that afternoon, and as I was in the middle of some Grifball (last weekend was a Double EXP Weekend) Vickie wnt to see who it was. It turned out to be Joanne, the lady who sells us tickets for a paralysis charity raffle. She'd picked the bag up, opened the notebook within, saw my name and realised who it was.

I didn't get the Star Wars Saga Edition rulebook back immediately, though; Joanne's daughters, who are apparently steadfast in their refusal to read anything vaguely resembling a book, saw it when she pulled it out of the bag and, intrrigued by the "Star Wars" on the cover, immediately asked if they could have a read! Joanne leapt on the opportunity, and delivered the book back to me on Sunday. She hasn't had a chance to ask them what they reckoned, but I figure if they weren't keen on it (it is an RPG text, after all, so my expectations aren't high there) I might dig up one of the Star Wars novels I have, and if they did, well, I might wind up GMing the game for a new generation of gamers!

In the meantime, I'm still sorting out with my players when the new date for Session 3 will be.

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Well at least you got everything back. Somewhere you need a list that ask the question, head screwed on tight. Check :)

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