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Midnight Mumblings

It’s quarter past midnight, I’ve got a busy day tomorrow – sorry, today – and I’m suddenly struck by the urge to write a new post. Jesus, there must be an author in here somewhere.

I’d characterise things around here as “chugging along”, but that’d be doing those things a disservice. “Chugging along well,” that’s better. Work is still work. I’ve been asked to start using up some of my accrued annual leave, so I’m taking the three weeks after ANZAC Day so Vickie and I can get stuck into the final round of interior renovations. We’ve given up on waiting for Karlos to do our computer desks – let’s face it, though, the poor bugger’s pretty damned busy at the moment, and on top of all that, he and his wife have a newborn son – so we’re going to get stuck into it ourselves. After that, I’m taking the week after my birthday off. What? Take leave on my birthday? And miss out on work cake?

Things are looking up on the RPG front. I ran a successful third session of Star Wars: Tarmadan Sector last Saturday, and am working on the next one. Also, a month or so ago, the Cairns Roleplayers Meetup Group was resurrected by a fellow from Melbourne named Leon, who’s keen to GM some Feng Shui. We’re meeting up this afternoon to go over campaign concept and characters, and I’ll rock along after my meeting with Josh. I’m definitely kicking myself for auctioning off my Feng Shui gear a couple of years ago. I’m thinking of trying to flog my Heavy Gear stuff again so I can afford both the FS main rulebook and Starships of the Galaxy for Star Wars Saga Edition, plus top the savings account off a bit.

Over-the-Net RPGing hasn’t worked out for me yet, but as I suddenly feel as though I’m grokking Amber Diceless for the first time, I’m tempted to throw my hat back into the ring. Problem is, I need a few people to game with, and stuffed if I’m gonna be the GM. So anyone know anyone? Sallidar, if you’re reading this, I sent you an e-mail about the game we were discussing many moons ago. Are you still keen?

I need to start catching up on my physical fitness, though. After our league win, both of Run, Forrest, Run's star strikers decided to devote their time to other things (in one case, an outdoor soccer league; in the other, SES training). Which means I need to start doing something else to keep myself in shape. Like, say, walking the dogs regularly again; Ziggy is about five kilos overweight at the moment.

Anyway, with that I’m off to bed afore my eyeballs fall out. Night (or morning), all!

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I don't recall that email from you. I wonder.. I'll have a look for it. Anyway, while I am tempted to say yes, I don't know that I would be able to commit to it regularly. Glad to know you are getting a greater understanding of the system now though. If things change I'll let you know.

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