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Movies and Movie-Based RPGs

In a little under sixteen hours, I’m going to be running the fourth session of my Star Wars: Tarmadan Sector campaign for my players. Naturally, I’ve saved all the prep-work until the last minute. I doubt I’ll be burning the proverbial midnight oil, as I have some shopping to do tomorrow morning, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be up until around twelve to finish things off.

Last week’s Feng Shui session was fun. If you’ve never played it, Feng Shui is meant to encourage the kind of frenetic, stunt-laden set pieces seen in Hong Kong action films. Our GM, Leon, stripped out the standard setting in Feng Shui for one of his own, a cross between Blade and The Terminator where we players (Tracey, Patrick, Tracey’s daughter and myself) are trying to halt a future vampire apocalypse. I found myself coming up with lines of dialogue for my character more readily than improvisational stunts, and it was a great relief to be sitting on the other side of the GM’s screen again!

In between games, I’m hoping to drag Vickie out to see some films. At the moment, she’s keen on The Spiderwick Chronicles, Nim’s Island, The Bucket List and Vantage Point. I’m keen on most of those too, especially Nim’s Island (Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler? Where do I sign up?) although I must confess an interest in St. Trinian’s. (A), it has Rupert Everett in it, playing two roles, and (B) it’s the newest film in a grand British tradition! Okay, maybe not grand, but Colin Firth is in it as the villain!

Speaking of movies, I got a couple of comp tickets to see Step Up 2: The Streets a couple of weeks ago. Due to a brief bout of sickness on my part, I wound up taking Chooks instead of Vickie as originally planned, but I think Chooks got more out of it anyway. The plot had a couple of minor variations on the genre’s theme (low-class kid and gang of misfits make good at prestigious school), but the dancing was very impressive. I wound up looking up local hip-hop classes on the Internet for Chooks, and I will confess I was semi-tempted by the idea myself. Vickie reminded me that I’m a little past the point of picking up dance acrobatics like those! :-)

Oh, and I’m going to have to drag Karlos off to see Iron Man in a month’s time!

On a bit of a downer, that Sony 40" screen of ours has started running a diagnostic routine every other time we start it up. Thankfully, it's still (barely) under warranty, so I was able to get a tech in via Sony to take a look. Apparently the main power supply is starting to fail, so we're waiting for him to get back to us next week with a replacement.

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