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I’ve created a monster…

It’s hard to believe that just a scant few months ago, Karlos was of the belief that online play just wasn’t his bag. I’d mentioned Xbox Live to him a few times last year, but he usually responded to any suggestions in the negative. He only had dial up Internet access and wasn’t interested in the extra monthly expense of broadband, and the yearly Xbox Live fee of $89.00 seemed an extravagance.

Then around Christmas time I made the mistake of setting up a Matchmaking session on my 360 with him signed in as a guest. He was hooked almost immediately, and would pop over for more whenever he got the chance, especially when his Elite displayed the Red Ring of Death and went in for service. In fact, the two months’ free Live play he got out of combining the Xbox 360 package deal and the complimentary 30 Day card from the warranty repair allowed him to get his own Gamertag – and when he started earning Experience and Skill increases in Halo 3, he was so thoroughly hooked that he started looking at his ISP’s broadband plans.

A few days ago, I noticed he’d changed his Gamertag’s motto to “THE FORSAKEN ONES”. This should have been a clue, but for some odd reason I thought that it was maybe a rock song title or some such. I was confronted with the horrid truth on Friday, when I met up with him online and he started trying to recruit me - okay, fine, successfully recruited me - into the Halo 3 clan that he’d joined, talking about regular practice sessions and codes of conduct. Now, he’s getting me into playing more video games!

If only I’d known back then…

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If only I'd known too - I would have hidden both of your X Boxes!

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