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Thankfully, The Brain Scan Didn’t Reveal Anything

Okay, now promise you won’t laugh.

The renovations have been proceeding pretty well. This afternoon, I was helping re-hang a curtain rod in our room. It was somewhere between four thirty and five, I think, and I’d just done drilling holes for the mounting brackets. I turned around and hopped off the middle rung of the low ladder I was on. There’s a CLUNG!, a bright flash and a sudden throbbing numbness near the crown of my head. I land on my arse, cursing myself for an utter twit for forgetting about our chrome ceiling fan – our running chrome ceiling fan.

Then the blood started to pour down my face.

Vickie immediately dashes for the kitchen to grab a clean towel, re-assuring me that scalp wounds always bleed a lot. Thank God that woman knows how to keep a level head! Her calm keeps me calm, and I ask her whether calling the ambulance is a good idea. She says it certainly is (a hopeful sign of the severity, or lack thereof, of the wound). One turns up within minutes (there’s a depot just up the road), and I join the crew in some good-hearted humour at my own expense. Vickie agrees with the crew that as the cut isn’t long, only two to two and a half centimetres, I don’t need a trip into the Cairns Base Hospital, so she calls the local medical centre and lets them know they have a minor emergency on the way.

I spend a while on the bed in the med centre’s emergency rooms – they’re always pretty busy – then one of the doctors has a look. It seems what I didn’t have in quantity I made up for in quality; the fan blade made it down to my skull. However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t handle it. Some local, a little more waiting, some cleaning and some shaving later and I get stitches both internal and external. I was finally out of there around half past seven, and Karlos came to pick me up.

The odd thing is that even without the anaesthetic I was expecting it to hurt more than it actually did. The nastiest stings were from the syringe needle when the doctor administered the anaesthetic.

Anyway, because the doctor’s worried about infection from the fan blade (we keep ours clean and rust-free, though) I’m on a course of antibiotics and will go in on Thursday morning to have the stitches pulled. I’m a little worried that I’m really going to start hurting once the local finally wears off, but in the meantime I’m staying as relaxed as I can. Right now, I’m sitting at my PC with a pad against the wound and a compression bandage holding it in place.

I ought to get a photo.

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*lol* I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh, but I'm thinking that maybe you should change your name to "Jack". You know, as in:

Jack and Jill went up the hill....

(((hugs))) Here's hoping there's no lasting damage and that you get better soon.

Hell Yes we want a photo!!

Obviously a Decepticon in disguise! Get well soon mate!

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