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Forsaking the Forsaken for Water

Well, in a bit of an about face from my last big clan-related posting, I decided to quit The Forsaken Ones after all. Karlos got in touch on Saturday; he’d decided to quit the clan for his own reasons. As that meant our ladder team was down to four people, two of whom I couldn’t communicate with due to network conflicts, I decided to pull out as well.

I figured I’d go clanless for a little while – until I started playing some games with a few folks on my XBL Friends list. I’d been keeping an eye on the development of their clan for a little while, and they were friendly, communicated well and didn’t swear – probably because a good portion of them were female.

The PMS Clan (PMS is short for Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers, and before you roll your eyes, you might want to know that they once called themselves the Psychotic Man Slayerz) is actually an international league of female gamers who like to play the more “hardcore” types of game usually considered the exclusive province of blokes, mainly first-person shooters like the Halo, Rainbow Six and Call of Duty series, but also brawlers like Smash Bros. Brawl and the Street Fighter and Tekken series as well as the odd real-time strategy game.

You’d figure this clan would attract a lot of testosterone-poisoned gamers who see it as their gender's duty to demonstrate their supposed superiority to any gamer in a skirt, but I’ve noticed it also tends to attract a friendlier, more polite, less-inclined-to-trash-talk male gamer – and the PMS girls must have noticed too, because they’ve set up an additional clan for this type of fellow. It’s called the H2O Clan, and I’ve applied to join.

Now, you’ve read me bitching about how hard it was to organise the members of The Forsaken Ones. To my immense relief, even though the local PMS/H2O divisions are just getting on their feet, they’re already highly organised. The local PMS Clan already has a leadership structure in place, and these ladies are overseeing both divisions as a single “co-ed” clan until the H2O side gets on its feet. I spoke with the recruitment
manager on Saturday over Xbox Live, who’s granted me recruit status within the H2O Clan. This means I have a one-month probationary period during which I’ll be expected to log four hours per week with fellow H2O members. At the end of it, I attend a session where the recruitment manager explains the PMS/H2O code of conduct, and then I can (actually, the PMS/H2O code requires me to) add “H2O” to my Xbox Live Gamertag.

Normally, probation involves a buddy system where recruits are partnered with experienced hands who guide them in netiquette and the like, but I impressed the recruitment manager so much that another recruit has been assigned to me to mentor!

I’ll keep you posted, but suffice to say I’m looking forward to the end of probation on July 7th!

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