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My Three Blogs

Since I got involved with the PMS Clan, I’ve been thinking about my web presence again; I’ve started getting a bit more active in various places and before Vickie hides my PC’s power cord because I’m spending too much time with it, I’d like to put some thought around my various web-presences and organise my various efforts.

So what are these web presences?

  • The very blog you're reading now. I call this web log my notepad and idea-journal, so it’s home to my thinkings, rants and the rare bout of fiction.

  • The Grin With Legs, my MySpace. I originally intended it as my “social calendar” blog, but after indoor soccer finished I pretty much left it alone. When I started courting the local divisions of the PMS / H2O Clan, I discovered that the clans and their members had MySpaces, so I started sending Friend requests, andmy blogging over there.

  • The PMS / H2O Clan blog. When the PMS Clan implemented its site redesign this week, one of the new features they added was member blogs, and I’d like to set one up for myself.

Before anyone starts worrying, IMAGinES sure as heck isn’t going anywhere. I think, though, that I’d benefit from working out what sort of posts I want to write for it. General news updates are good, but if I want to use the MySpace as more of a social hub, then I want to make sue I have something else, distinct from updates, to post, and I need to make sure it’s got a bit more, I dunno, meat than brain-dump wankery.

I’ve been tempted to close The Grin With Legs down and either start a new MySpace profile or switch to Facebook, the idea being to create a gaming-dedicated profile with a URL that matches my eventual H2O Clan ID/gamertag. On the other hand, though, I don’t want to cut the general social aspect out, and although I’ve heard that Facebook is busier, it’s apparently less social; it occupies your time with quizzes and apps instead of calendars, comments and blog posts. In the end, there’s nothing wrong with keeping my grinwithlegs URL; the background graphic I’ve designed will, I think, give the MySpace page all the gaming flavour I want to give it.

Which brings me to the PMS / H2O Clan blog. Many clan members have leapt upon this feature since it was set up, and I figure it’s a great way, in combination with the forums, to get involved with the clan (plus, they occasionally run contests based on blog posts). While I’ll probably harp on about games and gaming generally on IMAGinES and announce matches and tournaments on the MySpace, the clan blog will be the home for directly clan-related material – training notes, organisation, upcoming games, comments on cool clanners I’ve played with and the like. This might result in the odd cross-post from IMAGinES, but I have the feeling that the audiences of each blog aren’t likely to cross over too much. (I’m more than happy to be wrong about that, folks!)

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Facebook is meant to be under your real name too, so it's no good for nickname based stuff. It is also much better if you ignore any and all requests for quizzes, zombies, etc. Now you have the ability to block all requests from an application, which is a godsend! I like it for finding old friends and exchanging photos and so on. It's not really good for blogging either, though I think that's possible.

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