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I Think John Wick Said It Best...

Further to my rant about what I want out of an RPG yesterday, I'd like to draw your attention to a YouTube video posted by a man whom I think is heading down a road I'd like to follow on.

I've known about John Wick for a while, more by reputation than anything else - for a damn long while, he's been "that John Wick" over on the RPGnet Forums. Then, recently, I discovered that "that John Wick" is a game designer and one of the guiding hands behind Legend of the Five Rings and 7th Sea. I've never actually played either game, although I know L5R has a strong following and at least one or two people of my acquaintance have proclaimed their love for 7th Sea, probably because it's a piratey game.

Then all of a sudden he's hanging out with Jared A. Sorensen, forming an indie game company and putting out all sorts of little treats like Cat and Dragon, the latter of which I bought as a present for one of my step-granddaughters.

But I only started seriously paying him attention when I finally heard him speak; it was on the Sons of Kryos podcast, I think, and he was talking about the game he's just about to release into the wild, Houses of the Blooded. And I'm really liking the way he thinks, so much so that I'm torn between using whatever readies I get from selling my D&D 3.5 books on D&D 4th Ed. Player's Handbook or on Houses.

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John Wick's advice is printed pretty much word-for-word in the new 4th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide.

I wonder if John influenced the new game designers? Whatever the case, 4th Edition D&D is built on the premise of game-mastering outlined in the above video.

It's great advice. The guy has my respect.

:-) Great minds, I suppose! Either that, or someone read his Play Dirty text!

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