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I must admit, I've not been following the buzz from this year's Comic Con. I usually don't, not being much of a comic reader. The odd bit of cross-media promotion grabs my attention now and again, but by and large, Comic Cons pass me by.

But it's one of those cross-media promotions that grabbed my attention by the short-and-curlys this morning as I read the latest Sci-Fi Weekly news summary. At the end of a Disney panel promoting the next Dwayne Johnson film, Race to Witch Mountain, Disney came out with a "surprise presentation" - which turned out to be no less than a three minute test reel for the sequel to one of my favourite movies.

That's right: after years of speculation and months of rumours, Disney has just announced, in spectacular fashion, that it's working on Tron 2 - or, as the trailer would have it, TR2N. I watched a very dodgy bootleg of the video, complete with light cycles, refashioned identity discs and no less than Jeff Bridges himself.

It's rumoured to hit in 2011. I cannot wait.

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I saw the shakeycam video and it looked pretty good! There's a lot of scope to do this well, but 2011?? Also, TR2N is the worst l33t spelling I've ever seen.

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