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A Man's Not A Man Without A Bag

My step-granddaughter, the one who’s off to the Navy in a scant few days, got me the coolest birthday present ever a couple of weeks ago. Well, it’s not really a birthday present; she bought it for me on the understanding that if she ever finds herself short $40 she’ll call the loan in. But I’m exercising my right as a curmudgeonly old step-grannddad and calling it a birthday present anyway.

It’s a Colorado canvas shoulder-satchel, or as the vernacular has it, a man-bag. And it’s bloody awesome. It’s smaller than the one I used to lug around with me back in Sydney, but I think that works out for the better as I’m rarely carrying as much around in it. I take it virtually everywhere with me. It’s got lots of pockets but it’s still really easy to find stuff in it. Plus I’ve received several compliments on it since I bought it.

Thanks, Chookie!

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