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A Scary Story

Almost every Tuesday night for the past three months, I’ve been firing up my Xbox 360 and joining the men and women of PMS|H2O Halo 3 Australia for some clan practice. Last night, though, I didn’t.

Do you know what I wanted to do instead? What I actually wound up doing?

I wanted to install Ubuntu 8.04, a Linux distribution.

And so I did. I the downloaded distro to a CD-R, took Chooks’ old PC (which was originally handed down from Vickie) and backed her data up, then installed Ubuntu on it. Had a bugger of a time getting it to connect to the Internet, swapping out PCI network cards until I learned that all I had to do was left-click on something instead of right-clicking on it. I‘m still trying to figure out how to get Ubuntu to see both hard drives.

Does turning down gaming for the opportunity to install an open source operating system earn me any geek cred?

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I have several thoughts on this darling:
a) I still think you need social interaction with people who enjoy the same things you do, but, if you're not really enjoying the activities, then it's time for a break. Maybe you're going through a lifestyle change.
b) You've been interested in Linux for a good many years now and I find it encouraging that you've finally taken the step to feed your curiosity.
c)I also find it encouraging that you don't find it necessary to spend time 'blowing things up'. I know I blow things up when I play my silly games, but the targets are not 'alive' as such and are not in human form. I realize it's a way of letting off steam for both of us, but I lean towards puzzles. I guess I really prefer something constructive, rather than destructive. LOL even my RPG charactors are thoughtful! I don't feel a need to lead. Actually I reckon you're just bored with the Clan and it's a good opportunity to have a break.


I'm not sure that clan gaming is any less nerdy than installing linux rob! Apples and Oranges :)

Go the geek!
I love the fact it was Ubuntu as that is a nice easy one to get used to.
I am pretty sure your other HDD is found, it may not know the disk format. Check in the computer properties.
Marcus (Yep - still here watching)

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