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When the student is ready…

You know, sometimes I think I can understand the belief that there’s some sort of guiding hand behind this insanely complex world. No sooner do I decide that I want to start concentrating on my friendships, opportunities materialise. Yesterday, I was walking up the road from work to the library on my lunch hour, when I run into David, the fellow I met on the bus at the beginning of last year. We’ve only seen each other sporadically since my 30th birthday party in 2007; life has been a bit hectic for the both of us since then. Anyway, rather than go to the library, I head to a local café and have a forty-minute catch-up chat with him, at the end of which he decides he’s finally going to have Vickie and I over for the cuppa that he promised back in 2007, tomorrow.

This morning I fired Trillian up on a whim, and Brett, one of the folks I met through the Cairns RPGers Meetup Group, happened to be online. He was working, of course, but I asked him when Vickie and I might be able to catch up with him (with gaming as an optional extra). We checked schedules (looking at next weekend, then the weekend after) and finally settled on him bringing his wife and his young son over at 2PM today. So Vickie and I dashed about for the next three hours, getting the place up to scratch and preparing some nibblies, and the trio turned up at around quarter past. It was great to finally meet Brett’s wife, and their son got to have a good run-around the yard!

There was a negative note, though. We had two glass tables in our back entertainment area until this afternoon, when the one we were all sitting around – and which had quite a few bowls and plates on it – suddenly shattered, sending the table’s contents to the concrete floor. We have no idea why it happened or how, but we’re very glad that no one was harmed.

Oh, and think I mentioned that I was looking to join an amateur drama society. The first group I tried was the Just Us Theatre Ensemble, but it turns out that it’s actually closer to a business than what I’m looking for. In the meantime, Vickie and I have become members of the Cairns Little Theatre. More on that as it develops!

Finally, my work's social club is throwing a family fun day soon, which will, I hope, give Vickie and I the opportunity to get to know some of my workmates better.

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