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Social Networking

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that the link to my MySpace page has been replaced with a link to Facebook. This is because I closed my MySpace page down a week ago. It had become a site for my PMS|H2O Clan membership, and as I’ve been winding down my involvement with the clan (heck, I’ve not touched my Xbox in two weeks; just look at my 360voice blog) I no longer saw any need to maintain it.

I was going to maintain my abstinence from social networking sites in general until Vickie, of all people, created a Facebook sign-on in order to communicate with a friend of ours in Sydney. As said friend is a good one, I figured “what the hell” and made myself a profile.

Long-time Facebookers will probably nod their heads sagely at the next bit: There’s something of an initial rush when you first create a login and make a couple of friends. I knew I’d got the odd invitation to join Facebook from folks over the last few months, but when I created my profile, Facebook remembered my e-mail address and let me know that three people had told it they wanted to be my friend when I finally logged on. I found people I knew on their friends lists and sent friend requests, and from there, there was a snowballing as those folks had people I knew on their lists, and so did those folks, and so on, which led to me getting more friend requests!

Thankfully, I’ve reached a plateau where Facebook’s friend suggestions are almost entirely people I’ve never heard of, so I’m no longer checking it once an hour. But unlike MySpace, Facebook still has an immediate utility, because it’s easy to update and there are more people whom I actually know on it.

So if you're a reader and you've not yet got me on your Friends list, chuck me a request!

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I no has Facebbook, but I'd like to catch up, but I can't remember when that was? can I please have a reminder?

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