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Steve Jackson Games Publishing Heavy Gear RPG 4th Edition

Well, this is certainly a surprise.

On a whim, I browsed into the web page of Dream Pod 9, designers and publishers of the Heavy Gear roleplaying game. in the last few years, they've moved from RPGs to miniatures, pumping out the Heavy Gear Blitz rules and a whole heap of metal Gears, Hovertanks, GRELs and the like. The RPG line has remained strictly on the back-burner.

Until now. I discovered a press release on the DP9 web site, which states:

Dream Pod 9 and Steve Jackson Games announced an agreement today for a new line of roleplaying products based on DP9's best-selling Heavy Gear... The line will launch with a new edition of Heavy Gear, bringing the Silhouette mechanics to their fourth edition... Further releases will update Heavy Gear's best-known places and personalities, bringing the story up to date with the miniatures line. New releases will explore military hardware, locations, factions, and the whole universe in greater detail than ever before. The line will primarily be released in PDF via e23.

So if you're keen, keep an eye on the new official Heavy Gear RPG site!

Am I? Well, I'm not really sure. I have a lot of history with HG and I'm glad to see it being resurrected, but I've come to realise the rule set itself doesn't really give me what I'm looking for out of a four-hour social activity. Also, as I wrote a couple of years ago, as much as I love the wealth of source material, I'd prefer to play a game where everyone's not just free to come up with their own stuff on the fly, but also rewarded for doing so.

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If it had been anyone else other than Steve Jackson Games I wouldn't have given it much hope. If they use the GURPS rule set, you will see a large improvement in the rules. I guess it is a wait and see. But I definitely liked the setting enough to actually buy a miniature, something I don't do that often.

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