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Happy New Year 2009!

Hi everyone! Welcome to 2009! To those of you who stayed up: Did you have a good night/morning? To those who didn't: Did you get some quality sleep? And to those of you who are still up: Matress... Pillows...

I was just reading Wil Wheaton's web log and he's gone and done one of those retrospective thingies wherein he highlights some of his posts from last year. I was struck with two things: One, the thought of doing something retrospective-y and resolution-y for my own log, and two, how coherent thought-destroyingly hot and humid it is in Cairns today.

So bugger it. I'm going to lounge about the house, maybe watch some more of my Doctor Who Series 3 & 4 DVDs (thanks, Dad, Karl, Jodie, Deena and David), maybe play some more Burnout Paradise (full Burnout License and 80 more Gamerscore last night / this morning! Woo!), get Vickie tea/coffee/water on demand and enjoy my bleeding day off. I humbly suggest you all do similar. Or sleep.

Happy New Year, all!

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