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Just As Batty As Last Year

So about an hour ago, I'm in our backyard picking up the dogs' bowls for dinner when something chitters at me. I try and see what made the noise but can't locate it.

Vickie, who's also out there, asks me what I'm looking at. I tell her that I think a gecko was in Ziggy's bowl and is having a go at me for upsetting it from its pozzie. I'm about to take the bowls inside when I spot something very small moving in a very un-lizardlike fashion on the concrete. "It can't be," I say. "Can it?"

Vickie moves toward it and it chitters again. Sure enough, the creature crawling across our entertainment area is a tiny bat, just like the one that popped in to visit us in very similar circumstances just one day more than an exact year ago. Word must've got out among the bat community that if you have to ditch, we're a good place to do so.

I take the bowls in and make sure the dogs can't get out, then whip off my T-shirt and pick the tidgy wotsit from Vickie's foot (it must have mistaken her foot for the root of a climbable tree; vickie reckons it dashed straight for her when she got close). We then go out to the Hills hoist and peg my T-shirt up so the little one can fly off at its leisure - and after feeding the dogs I decide I'm buggered if I'm going to let this one get away without taking a few photos.

Unfortunately they didn't come out as well as I hoped they would - my Fuji digital doesn't seem too good at close-in work - but I'm glad our guest tolerated the flash going off at it. Here are the results:

The Closeline

Here's a shot of my t-shirt hanging off the clothesline so you can get an idea of just how small our visitor was. Click on the picture to see the image full size.

Bruce close up

A rather fuzzy shot of the little one, but hopefully enough to confirm that it's a bat.

Bruce from the Front

And here's the last one, from the front. It's a shame the clothes peg in the background was in better focus than the bat in the foreground, but it again shows how small our visitor was.

I'm starting to hope we get one of these little visitors this time every year!

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