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Last Landing

I went out on Friday morning before work to check my T-shirt and couldn't see the bat there. When I called Vickie from work, she told me that when she went to take my shirt off the clothes line, she found it inside the T-shirt, asleep! Vickie took it out and put it on the tea tree in our garden so it can get a feed of ants. I went to check on it after I got back home on Friday evening,and found it fossicking away in the tea tree, presumably feasting on insects.

Unfortunately, the weather set in that night; we have a low out in the Coral Sea which developed overnight into a Category 1 Cyclone, dubbed Ellie by the Bureau of Meteorology, and she's been dumping the rain for the last forty-eight hours. I went to have a look at the tea tree yesterday, only to discover a small, wet, bat-shaped lump attached to one of the branches. The poor thing wound up staying for the rest of its life.

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