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Who Watches the Wingers?

A couple of weeks ago, Vickie said, “Once the rain settles and the heat eases, we are going to get away from the computers and the game consoles and get our lives back!”

And funnily enough, we're suddenly being given opportunities! The social club at work organised a deal by which members could get free tickets to tomorrow's NRL pre-season warm-up match between the Cowboys and the Panthers at Barlow Park for themselves and cheap tickets for family and friends. There's a mixer beforehand at a local restaurant, which should be fun!

And just today, a friend handed me a double-pass to a preview screening of Watchmen on Wednesday night! Having never read the graphic novel it's based on, it's gonna be an interesting experience!

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I haven't read the novel either, but I have heard nothing but good things and I really like the previews that I have scene for Watchman.

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