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Fitness and Family

It's been a pretty darned good last few weeks. Nothing really hugely life-shaking has happened, yet still there is noteworthy change.

If you've been checking my Facebook profile out lately, you may have noticed the odd bit of bragging about me swimming at the Lagoon of a morning. For those of you who don't know, the Lagoon is a combination artificial beach and swimming pool (as Cairns proper has mudflats instead of a beach). Well, combine that with weight work, time on a treadmill we're renting and healthier eating habits and I reckon I should be looking and feeling better pretty darned soon. My main priority isn't weight loss (my seventy-five kilos gives me a body mass index of 23, which is apparently smack in the middle of the “healthy” BMI range) so much as weight movement; I want to curb the encroaching man-boobage before it gets any worse. Incline bench presses, here I come...

If you think that's something, Vickie's doing more. In the last three weeks or so, she's lost over seven kilograms thanks to a combination of improved diet, lots of walking (on and off the treadmill; sometimes she'll come in early with me and walk the Esplanade while I'm swimming), some local fitness classes and the odd bit of gym work (once the new Genesis Fitness Centre opens in Edmonton she'll be going there once a week). Not only that, but she's also joined the Biggest Loser Club, which allows her access to weekly menus (which have taken a boatload of stress out of the weekly shopping trip - and no, we don't go in for the meal replacements) and a calorie intake / output tracker which she finds invaluable.

And just six months after we saw young Chook off to the Navy, another granddaughter has decided to chuck things in down South and move up here for a while. Amanda is staying with her aunt on the North side of town; she's got a job in Cairns' CBD and we've been introducing her to a few locals so she can make new friends to go out and party with on Friday nights.

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