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Long Weekend and Live (or Not)

Hello and I hope that you’re having a good Long Weekend, if your Weekend also happens to be Long. It’s the May Day / Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend for us here in Queensland.

We’ve got a list of things we want to get out of the way before Tuesday. Primary amongst these is the restoration of the garden bed. We spent some of our Pennies from Kevin at Bunnings a week ago on two bags of chook poo (a.k.a. Dynamic Lifter) that need to be forked into the bed, but first we must uproot the copious amounts of weeds that have regrown since the last weeding (three weeks, maybe a month ago, I think). It’s not bad work, and I’m glad it’s overcast – well, actually, as I look out of the window now, it’s pretty sunny, so sunscreen, plenty of water and a hat are definitely a good idea. Thankfully, I have all three! Once the weeding and fertilisation are done, we’ll plant the selection of herbs and other veggies we bought along with the chook poo.

Well, it’s been a week since I announced to all and sundry that I was over gaming, and in that time I have blitzed my Xbox Live Friends list. Gone are folks I’ve met online through Karl, members of the Xecutive Order clan and general randoms whom I’ve met through Matchmaking or the Xbox forums; my Friends list now consists of a mere three players, all people whom I’ve met in real life. I must confess that I’ve not been entirely absent from my Xbox 360 in the last week; I went over Karl’s place on Monday, and he loaned me Halo Wars, Assassin’s Creed and Legendary while his console is off at Customer Service for a DVD drive repair. I’ve played the first couple of those and have been pretty impressed, although I’m taking my time with them. Still, I’ve put more time into Burnout Paradise lately; playing it over Live off the cuff is more fun, I think, than Halo 3. Criterion have released the Cops & Robbers Pack, which looks like fun, but I’m still leery of spending money on a multiplayer add-on when I’m trying to avoid multiplayer with folks I don’t know.

While I was at Karl’s place, he introduced Manda to the original Halo, and agreed to loan her one of his Xboxes (no, not a 360; Karl has around three original Xboxes at his place, at least one of which gets used to entertain young ‘uns) so she has something to occupy herself with at her aunt’s.

Anyway, less blogging; more weeding!

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