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A Legacy of Cold Cathode

You know, it’s perhaps worthy of note that you’re more likely to find glowing blue lighting inside a PC case than you are in an actual game. I make this rather off-the-wall observation because Disney is celebrating the twenty-seventh anniversary of Tron, the movie that served as blazing blue neon gateway drug to games for Generation X, in grand style – by releasing the test reel for its promised-but-not-yet-delivered sequel onto the intrawebs in high definition.

Thank God for that, I say. A year ago I had to settle for a grainy, pirated clip taken on a mobile phone by an audience member who cared not for non-disclosure agreements. Now – well, just go look at the damn thing. If you liked Tron in any way – not too hard; although the story was a bit weak, the special effects have taken a while to date – you will be picking your jaw up off the floor after the clip comes to its end. Even folks who’ve never seen Tron have been impressed when I showed it to them.

Not only that, Disney have finally announced the film’s official title, which until now bore the unwieldy working title Tr2n, at the San Diego ComicCon. The new film is Tron Legacy, which seems a little well, distant, but it’s still better than the former and allows the game released at the beginning of the decade to remain the official Tron 2.0.

But wait, there’s more. This time last year, the talk was that the new Tron, if and when Disney committed to it, would be released in 2011. Well, right there at the end of the clip, not only do Disney announce the new title, but they also announce that they’ve brought the date forward a full year. Exactly when in 2010 it will come out I don’t know, but I’d say it’s a fair bet they’re aiming to release it for the summer blockbuster season.

Finally, they're doing a little viral marketing with a pair of websites: Flynn Lives, the website of a group dedicated to tracking down the missing-presumed-dead legendary game designer and CEO of EnCom Corporation, and Home of Tron, an online memorial to Flynn's Arcade. If you're keen or want a laugh, go check them out!

I still think we need more blue neon in games, though.

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