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A Week of Leave for the Week of Leave

Back in the early part of the year, I had a brainwave: Queue up some holiday time around the major Vickie-and-I dates in the year (my birthday, our anniversary and Vickie’s birthday). I managed to swing a full week for each of our birthdays and a few days for our anniversary. As the beginning of October rolled around, I was looking forward to a nice week of fairly-relaxed Vickie time, including taking her to see Mao’s Last Dancer at the movies.

If you’re one of our Facebook friends and you’ve been checking our profiles recently, you’ll have noticed that not long after joining the Liberal National Party, we both wound up with executive positions on the Mulgrave State Electoral Council. At that meeting, we volunteered our house as the venue for a meet-and-greet with a Federal Senator during her visit to Cairns; that was scheduled for yesterday.

Then, last week, things suddenly kicked into high gear. On top of getting the house in order for the Senator’s visit, we had a couple of LNP meetings early in the week. One got scheduled for Vickie’s birthday, which buggered our family’s plans (or lack thereof) to have a barbecue with her that night. The LNP also invited us to the Light the Night fundraiser for the Leukaemia Foundation on Thursday evening. All the running back and forth we did between Gordonvale and Cairns took chunks out of our prep time for Saturday. The birthday barbecue got put back to Friday night and then tonight; the plans to go and see Mao’s Last Dancer got put back indefinitely (if I’m lucky, I might be able to organise it for Tuesday week).

On top of all that, as the Mulgrave event was the only one that the Senator got any bloody RSVPs to (apparently there were some Cairns SEC events scheduled but no one bothered to reply), the meet-and-greet was cancelled. We wound up having a bring-a-plate for anyone who was still interested in coming instead, so we were still frantically cleaning and tidying through the end of the week.

Right at the moment, after a couple of abortive games of Halo 3 (Jem, if you’re reading this, thanks for carrying me and sorry we didn’t win), I’m looking at reorganising some of our archived files so that they’re easier to go through. And, of course, there’s that barbecue tonight. Oh, and Dad and my aunt Heather (who’s over here from the UK at the moment) are charging North on Friday to spend a few days with us and see some of Cairns, which mans I need to swing Monday and Tuesday week off.

You know the proverbial “I need another holiday just to recover from this one”? Yep, I think that’s Vickie and I both at the moment. I’m thinking of taking Monday November the 9th to Friday the 12th off so I can catch the MLG Anaheim live stream and then do bugger-all for the rest of the week.

I will say this: The upside to all the tidying is that the house looks great right now. At least we don’t have to do much else for when the family charges over for Vickie’s birthday this evening or when we host Dad and Heather…

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