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Local Gaming Editorial Content

Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially a published columnist. Click on the link below to feast your eyes on my article on what I like to call "got your back gaming"!

The Cairns Post, November 10th, 2009, Page 15

(Adobe Reader required.)

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Love the story man ... especially as I just got my xbox 360 a month ago & have played a fair bit of COD4. Just got Halo ODST 2 days ago & bought a copy of COD6 (?) today ... feel like a game sometime ?? My player name is wanos123... see you online soon!!

Nice article there and genius photo! Keep up the good work. :)

May I please link to it in this week's newsletter?

Absolutely, Marcus, my good man! You are on for some Firefight or even throwing down on Halo 3 Mythic! Let me FR you!

Ooops! Sorry I missed your comment, Gav, but thank you for putting the link in your newsletter anyway!

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