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No Prep Month

I managed to do something that I think I've not done before when I have a game session coming up, especially when I game. After dragging it around with me nearly everywhere for a few weeks, I took my FreeMarket beta rulebook out of my bag a little under a month ago and put it up on my gaming shelf. And it's stayed there since; in fact, I'm only thinking about taking it down now so I can give ti a fresh read-over prior to Saturday's game.

Now, I know I took a break from gaming for a good while, but I think this is the first time I've been in that semi-active, pre-game state and not treated gaming as study, i.e. pred over rulebooks and sourcebooks and equipment books galore. I decided I wasn't going to start playing before I actually start playing this time around; I don't want to build some pretty picture in my head and get invested in it only to get cranky when the ideas my players have don't fit into it well. Admittedly, being extremely setting-light, FreeMarket makes this pretty easy for me.

The idea that I have no real idea of what's going to happen this coming Saturday is still kind of scary, though.

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