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Taking 2009 As A Whole

After highlighting some of the more noteworthy blog posts from 2009, I want to try and get some kind of overall perspective. When looking back, it's always easier to remember the past in terms of dramas and regrets. 2009 was by no means an easy year. There were a couple of issues that I didn't get around to blogging about. They related to our car and pets and both hit us hard in the hip-pocket; as money issues do, they put a crimp on the rest of the year. It was also a tense time politically; we're still feeling the effects of some drama that ensued within the LNP shortly after we joined.

Nonetheless, 2009 was a good year in several respects. For starters, I think Vickie and I got out and about more than we have in prior years. The Ever After book club and the LNP were both big contributors to this, as we got to make a whole bunch of new friends through both.

It was also a year of a couple of large firsts for me personally. I've already mentioned the LNP, but I think it's worth pointing out that this is the first time I've had any kind of serious involvement with politics outside of voting. My involvement wasn't huge, sure; I've been kind of coasting along, doing my allotted duties and feeling my way until I figure out exactly what I want to do with my membership. Still, it's definitely a change for the better.

Also, I wrote an article to a particular size requirement and a deadline and it was published in the paper. After years of noodling with fanfics and blogs, I'm a god-damned published writer. That's huge. I keep taking for granted how huge that is. And the experience was so interesting that I'd like to do it more often.

Family relationships are slowly improving, too. We get on great with Amanda and tensions between Vickie and Amanda's mum Jenny (Vickie's daughter) have largely dissolved; Jenny's gone from thinking her Mum was morally reprehensible for marrying some despicable younger man to telling her that she pushes poor Rob around too much! Brook's up here again for a few weeks and thanks to Facebook Vickie's in regular touch with two of her grandsons with whom she'd barely ever spoken to in the past (a move from Brisbane to Melbourne helped there).

As for my side of our family, I'm getting on better with Dad, especially after he and my aunt Heather came up for a weekend visit in October. Things still aren't perfect – what is? - but I think I've slowly grown (and hardened) up when it comes to me an' me Dad. I also got in touch with a relative of mine to whom I've not spoken with since just after Mum's funeral.

On the topic of growing up, I've become less hung up over games, enough to realise when I'm actually enjoying what I'm doing and when I'm procrastinating over something else, like housework or a personal project. I've also realised that whether the game is a tabletop RPG or the multiplayer mode of a computer or video game, playing with folks I don't know or give a stuff about is worse than not playing.

Finally, I think I'm starting to get a hang of not just fiscal responsibility but also management. We're still digging our way out of some unexpected debts, but even amid the rising cost of living, keeping a dollar in the bank and getting debt-free is starting to feel do-able.

All in all, 2009 has definitely been a good year. Now, what about the New Year in the New Decade?

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Have to agree on most of it sweetie. Wish it had been all smooth sailing, but we can't have everything.
All I want this year is what I have now, a little less weight and a return to full health. Hopefully all do-able. I don't think being inactive is my gig.

I think that's all do-able, lovie, especially as you're cutting down on the pain killers.

I love you!

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