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Conquering 2010

I'd like to open this article by expressing my great regret that the Smiggin Holes campaign for the 2010 Winter Olympics venue was unsuccessful. Curse you, you Canucks...

Now that's out of the way, I think the best way to open this post on the New Year is by noting that the ladies at the office have talked about this year, 2010, as a Year of Change. I'm not sure whether this reflects a stirring in the zeitgeist or just some astrology-inspired gossip, but either way I'd like to be down with the idea, and not just in some cheap “hey, everything changes anyway, so if I go with the flow I'll be a new man by the end of the year” fashion.

Looking at last year's changes and accomplishments immediately gives me some Things To Do this year:

  • I want to write a regular article or review for the computer section of the paper. Reviewing is going to be tricky unless and until the paper starts getting copies of games in for me to review; buying games regularly is definitely way out of my budget. I have several ideas for articles, though, which will need me to do some research and maybe even (gasp!) talk to some people.
  • Speaking of writing, I want to get Slamdance underway as a major project. I need to consolidate all the notes and ideas I've been making, pick out the ones I want to build on, file the rest and get writing. My main idea is to turn it into a novel, but I think I need to look into other ways of getting it before people's eyes.
  • Since I joined the LNP I've been kind of coasting with it; Vickie's been the main driver of our political involvement. That's not good enough, though; I want to work out what I want to accomplish through the LNP and what I can do for it. I have some ideas...
  • I succeeded in losing a lot of weight in 2009, although I wasn't particularly trying. The upshot is that several people have told me that I need to put some weight back on - provided it goes on in strategic places like my pecs and abs (instead of my moobs and gut). This means formulating and committing to a plan to tone and bulk up. Thankfully I still have Karl's gym gear in the garage.
  • If I'm gaming less with randoms, then I want to game more with mates. This has already started, with an old mate in Sydney sending me a gift Steam license for the multiplayer game Left 4 Dead yesterday. I also have some folks I've got to know via Xbox Live whom I enjoy gaming with, and I'd like to hook up with them for Borderlands and Halo 3: ODST's Firefight mode. This, of course, involves some organisation, which gamers are notoriously woeful at. Then there's the FreeMarket game which kicks off in under a week; my players are not only my lovely wife and a mate I met through gaming a couple of years ago, but also a friend from work who's never gamed before in her life! I'm feeling the pressure to ensure her first experience isn't a bad one...

There are some other general things that have cropped up during the year:

  • Keeping house. The immediate issue is making sure we're prepared for cyclone season, which is fast bearing down on us (technically it's already started, but so far no cyclones). Other important issues are curing some dry rot and finishing the renovations to the computer room, namely the new desk and bookcase. Vickie got a desk plan from Bunnings which will make a good start, but it'll probably need some modification. Then there's just making sure I help keep the place clean and tidy, something my darling wife will no doubt appreciate! Let's not forget the garden bed, either, which will need forking over and replanting.
  • Living socially. I'd like to continue the upward trend our social lives have taken in the last half-year. We've both made new friends, and I'd like us to get out and meet them (not to mention get them over our place – more reason for me to help out with housework).
  • Improving our financial situation. We're definitely not bad, and there are many worse than us. That said, though, I'd still like us to have some more wiggle-room in our budget, what with interest rates and the general cost of living going up.

Most of this is pretty scary, especially the political and financial stuff! Tackling all this will require some big steps outside my comfort zone.

All of these changes require one whopping great change: Discipline. Each of these achievements that I want to accomplish require me to establish new patterns and new routines, to make sure I do certain things at certain times of the day, especially in the morning. As Vickie can and will attest my existing, semi-slothful habits can be damned hard to budge, especially when I've just got out of bed. Changing myself from the kind of person who wants the world and all its pressures to go jump into a disciplined... well, do-er of things is going to be the biggest change I can make to myself this year; once done, though, the rest will be easy.

I suppose the best thing about a disciplined approach to live is that I'll be too busy doing something about all these big, looming priorities to be scared of them!

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Sim is more than happy to to help you with the first two goals on the list...

Slamdance - I can read again and see if it appeals to my 30 year old self as much as it did when I was 20... but i'll need another copy. My self-make book is looong gone, I'm afraid.

Computer Games - Would be alot easier if you had a PS3, but we'll manage... Also remember that buying a game, then returning it to EB or game within a relatively short time is a good way to save some $$s
also - ebay is your friend... lots of ppl got doubles for chrissie. but yeh... I have a PS3, a webcam and a really big monitor... what can go wrong? *grins* I rant & rave, you takes notes, and watch the action live!!!

Some time ago I told you I had a new version ready, and you were going to send me a link to upload it to, but you never did. Do you still want me to send it to you?

Yeah, people keep talking about a PS3, and I tell them, hey, you know when my birthday is! But I've sworn off occasion-based gifting, so if you ever feel in the mood to buy me one, don't let me stop you! :D

I no longer have a server to play with... Can you email it to me?

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