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The Wonder of Electronics

In case you're wondering, I'm still without PC right now. No, I didn't clean it out as promised over the weekend; it was so stinking hot that I didn't have the patience or steadiness to fiddle with screws and static straps. Instead I ironed, and it was during the course of setting up to iron that I discovered that our DVD player has crapped out (yes, I like to watch DVDs when ironing; yes, I even like to watch Iron Man while ironing). I don't know how, but from the sounds of it (or lack thereof), the mechanism that lifts the disc off the tray and spins it isn't working.

So, I wound up briefly fiddling with screws anyway, taking the player's outer casing off and cleaning the inner works of dust and dog-hair (although they were surprisingly free of both). Upon reassembly everything seemed to work fine, but when I returned from lunch, it had gone back to its inoperative symptoms again.

Now, this should only be a minor inconvenience, as my Xbox 360 is also DVD-capable. However, within the last few months, something odd has happened; when I pop a DVD into the 360's drive and tell it to play, the screen suddenly pops down to a 4:3 aspect ratio, so the image is "squashed" horizontally. I can't find any way of changing the ratio back to normal in any of the 360's menus, and when I go back to the dashboard, I'm back with the normal, widescreen 16:9 ratio.

Oh, and my 360 has developed the odd habit of hanging lately. It could well be the heat and humidity up here at the moment (especially as it tends to hang wile playing Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2) and it's probably inhaled its share of dog hair, but I dare not open it up for fear of Microsoft refusing to fix it.

Before you ask, no, I sure as heck can't afford to replace any of the above, especially as we're looking at a $5-600 vet bill in the next few months to fix Ziggy's teeth.

So have you had similar trouble?

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Yes friends, he actually volunteered to do the ironing! As you can imagine, I begged him not to.

Shhh, darling, don't go telling everyone or they'll all want me to do the ironing!

I think I am weird. I actually prefer doing the ironing. I never let Lesley iron any of my clothes.

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