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Taking Back the Yard

You know, I'm glad that after writing what was going to be the first two paragraphs of this post I got up and had lunch. Because on the way back to my desk I realised I was writing a tersely-worded whinge-fest. So I've deleted that last lot and will blog instead in a good mood, backed up by a belly full of Vickie's chook soup.

First reason to be cheerful? What Blind Melon started to complain about: No rain. The monsoon season was keen to hang on until the bitter end, with nigh-constant downpours right up until Easter Monday; since then it's been mostly sunny. This means we can get stuck back into the garden.

First item of business is, naturally, the lawn. I went out and mowed it to what you could get away with calling a manageable length on Monday. It still needs a thorough going over with the petrol mower before we can maintain it with the pushies, though. I bought some new blades for the petrol mower on the weekend, so Vickie will likely get a few good laughs as her non-handyman husband fiddles with nuts, bolts and spanners on Saturday.

Next, the side yard. We have a couple of garden beds in there, but the wood sleeper bordering has mostly rotted away, so Vickie suggested that we take them out and let the grass grow into them; that way we can maintain them with the mower. We're also moving the dog kennel out of its nook between the shed and the fence and putting it against the house; this will give it more shelter and get it away from the fence. I picked up some pavers on Saturday and spent Sunday afternoon digging out the garden bed to the correct area. Our mate Dave will pop over tonight and help me lay the pavers down, then shift the dog kennel into place.

Thirdly, there's the garden bed. All the recent rain has battered our vegetables to death; the weeds have moved into replace them. This'll mean a big weeding job, followed by some vigorous warm-up before forking the entire bed over. We'll need to buy some replacement plants soon.

Ach. One thing guaranteed to bring a mood down? Expenses. I paid for rego on Thursday, but we still need to get the car serviced and tuned and Ziggy's teeth sorted soon. But we'll sort it soon. More on that in the next post.

At some point in the future, we're also going to have to tackle the five palm trees in our backyard. While they're lovely and in this great curve that separates the Hills Hoist from the main yard, they're a bit too tall for cyclone country and are also starting to rot out. Still, we have a good mate with a chainsaw ticket who's keen to lop them.

The main thing is, getting these projects done will involve a lot of good, hard labour. And you know what? I'm looking forward to it. Everyone's telling me that I'm getting to skinny, too pale, I need to bulk up and get some time in the sun. Well, here's my chance. That and I'm starting to relish a little honest work.

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