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Vickie's Laptop Upgrade

You know, in the midst of my upgrading frenzy, I forgot to mention Vickie’s Toshiba Satellite A100. Since I bought it for her, Vickie’s had to wrestle with Windows Vista. It’s developed the odd tendency to spontaneously shut itself down, possibly due to overheating even though we bought a cooling pad for it. A while back its screen stopped working; the back-light still works, but nothing appears on the display. Finally, the 110GB hard drive is around 70 percent full.

So once we re-finance, I’m going to take it into a local repair place with the mandate to not only fix the screen but also double the RAM to 2GB, install a larger hard drive and whack Windows 7 on. I might also inquire about netbook options for me in the hope that we can get the lot for a good deal.

As for the cooling issue, we reckon a portable aircon unit will do the job.

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