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Sunday Diary Scan: The Inaugural

Greetings, gentle reader, and welcome to the first Sunday Diary Scan. Vickie and I bought these lovely big diary/planner/journals at a newsagent near the end of last year, and I've found mine so handy that I've been keeping pretty thorough records of what I've been up to. When I started thinking of ways to post more frequently on the blog, the diary came to mind immediately!

Let me open, therefore, by recommending that those in the market for a diary consider the 24Hr Home & Work Diary from Collins Debden.

With that done, what have I been up to this last week? Mostly grumbling at the rain. Yasi may have come and gone but we've still got a lot of nasty wet season cloud around. Still, I discovered on Thursday night that the sound of rain on a corrugated iron roof is great for just sitting and thinking! I made some progress in getting the ideas swirling about my noggin for Slamdance world-building out of my head and onto paper that evening.

Saturday week ago was pretty busy. In the morning I ran Ziggy to the vet for his annual immunisation shots and asked the vet about his right ear, which has swollen up with a haematoma much like his left one did eighteen months ago. The vet suggested leaving it for a week before booking a surgery, and while it's not been really bothering Ziggy the swelling certainly hasn't decreased either. I'll call the vet tomorrow morning. Vickie and I will be sorry that Ziggy will lose both of what I call his “ping” ears; after this next surgery, they'll both flop forward all the time!

After that came the monthly meeting of the Tropical Writers group, and as always it was good. I read out the last half of Chapter 2 of Slamdance and frantically noted down the critiques, which I'm saving for when I finish the first draft and start making rewrites. We've got a lot of great writers there, including several poets - I loved one's work which told the tale of two brothers in a country town who were led astray by a pretty young thing and met an untimely end!

The rain held off on Sunday enough to let me mow the front lawn, then came back in with a vengeance (leaving me with a right slog of a mowing job today). I downloaded the latest beta of Scrivener for Windows and noodled some with importing Slamdance into it, but I think I'm still getting the feel for how the program works. I think I'll start seeing its benefits once I import The Second War of the Worlds and break the chapters down into scenes and start making notes for the second draft.

The rain really made its presence felt early in the week. On Monday, road access to several suburbs north of Cairns was cut by minor floods. The drive to work from the South was a pain in the arse for me on Monday and Tuesday, but several colleagues found the trip from the North absolutely impossible.

We then had to cancel our attendance at a Meetup of Cairns-based Twitter users organised by one of work's digital gurus, Simon Crerar, on Wednesday evening. As the rain set in we went from 'Vickie will meet me in town' through 'I'll go and pick her up' and 'I'll go on my own' to 'I'd better go straight home before the roads get cut and shift some sand bags before the water gets to our back door'. Although it didn't get that bad, the old saw 'never trust the weatherman' has a greater meaning in the tropics. From all accounts, the event was a success, and I intend for us (see what a considerate husband I am, making plans for my wife?) to get to the next one - which, we hope, will be sometime outside the wet season!

The rest of the week was fairly quiet, and I built my Thousand Words per Day writing chain up to eight days! I wound up breaking it yesterday, though. In the morning I went to a workshop for writing query letters presented by local writer Talitha Kalago; once again, I made sure to make plenty of notes. I know I'll be putting them to good use once I finish Slamdance off! Talitha is a good presenter, injecting her information with plenty of good examples and wit!

Last night was a good bit of fun, though; pocket dynamo Kay Little organised an evening cruise aboard the Passions of Paradise catamaran for social club members, partners and friends. It was great to catch up with heaps of folks at work in a more social setting, not to mention a great date night for Vickie and I!

OpenOffice Writer tells me that the above brings me up to 790 words, which is a good chunk of my daily quota. I think I'll finish off by trying a concept I swiped from someone else's blog: A Monday posting about music I'm listening to. (836!)

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