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Music Monday: Huey Lewis & The News - "Back in Time"

Hi, all. Music Monday is an idea I'm shamelessly stealing from the blogs Reality Escapes Her and Lace & Cream. While these ladies don't put one up every Monday – at least, I don't think they do (correct me if I'm wrong, girls) – you can usually find them talking about their favourite bands and current muses at the beginning of the week. While they often dedicate their posts to a whole band, I fear my tastes aren't as diverse, so I'll try and keep it to a single song or album.

Still, a couple of folks have threatened to inflict their favourite music on me recently, so I may well wind up blogging about the new stuff as I dip my toes in.

I'll kick this off with my most recent purchase: The song "Back in Time" by Huey Lewis & The News.

You might find it kind of odd that I don't really care for most of Huey Lewis & The News' work. I'm pretty sure it was Back to the Future that introduced me to them with their hit "The Power of Love" and I've heard all the usual airplay hits ("Stuck With You", "The Way That You Use It", "Hip to be Square", "Doin' It All For My Baby"), yet none of them sold me on an album or single.

Yet it's this one song, which played over Back to the Future's end credits, that got me to finally spend my money. Why? Well, in good part, I've got to credit the first trailer for Back to the Future: The Game, which plays it as the game's digital Marty McFly guns the deLorean toward eighty-eight miles per hour.

I keep thinking of the first teaser trailer for Superman Returns. Although Superman Returns itself was a bit hit-and-miss, I still remember how that trailer used the voice-over by Marlon Brando as Jor-El and John Williams' Krypton theme from the first Christopher Reeve film to give me a sense of "Yes, this is Superman". Sure, it was pushing the nostalgia button - which, in retrospect, was probably the main thing that weakened the final product - but it was pushing it right.

Maybe it's a nerd thing.

But even though the BTTF game trailer was doing the same thing, it reminded me just how much fun that song "Back In Time" is, and I've been listening to it once every day (if not more often) since I bought it from iTunes a couple of weeks ago. It's a real mood-booster of a song; power-walk-speed beat with plenty of sax bopping around to it, a rhythm guitar that, for want of a better word, grumbles (a sound I don't think I've ever heard any other guitarist make) and some sweet guitar and sax solos.

The lyrics, especially in the second verse, are the song's weakest aspect. It felt like whoever wrote them was trying a bit too hard to thrown in movie references whilst making sure everything rhymed ("Please don't drive eighty-eight / Don't wanna be late again"). But they're nowhere near as random as, say, most of Def Leppard's or Yes', and when Huey sings them, I don't much care. Great voice on that guy.

Whenever I just want to feel good without wanting to foment a revolution or kick someone's arse, I'll listen to this.

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No post from me this week :( Got distracted and forgot :( :(

But I love that song!!!! Seriously addictive :D I only know that and The Power of Love by them but still great songs :)

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